About Longacre

Longacre, Inc. is a consultancy specializing in software configuration management (SCM) and process automation. Longacre offers implementation, support, mentoring, and training solutions to customers world-wide.

Longacre offers our clients years of hands-on experience in software process improvement. Process and capability assessment, SCM implementation, tool acquisition and integration, staff augmentation, and team creation: Longacre provides knowledge and leadership to our clients in all aspects of software process improvement.


Longacre is founded in the belief that software development organizations can achieve extraordinary results through the application of configuration management principles, the widespread use of process automation, and the tight integration of supporting tools.

Longacre exists to help improve software development. Our mission is threefold: to help our clients achieve specific improvement goals by providing leadership, expertise, and experience; to help improve the industry by providing support, education, and leadership; to help improve the world by helping to make better software.