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Crossing Over

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work at a very low level. Not “should I use a primitive type or a class” low, but more like “how many cycles will this take?” low.
Today I was chatting with some folks on IRC, and the subject of binary searching came up. Now, I don’t know if [...]

You're doing it wrong: ergonomics

Here’s a picture of my keyboard. It’s a Logitech Alto cordless keyboard, that came with a laptop stand.

All in all, it’s a pretty nice keyboard, and the whole stand+keyboard thing has really worked out well for me. But I have to say to the folks at Logitech (and to every other keyboard maker out [...]

Using Doxygen’s \test command with C++

I’m working on some C++ code that is documented using Doxygen. Nothing earth-shattering there.
But I’m doing unit testing, and writing unit tests. In this case, I’m using the boost C++ libraries. That means my tests don’t look like classes, the way they might look if I was using CppUnit or CxxUnit. Instead, they look like [...]

Which ‘which’ is which?

The ‘which’ utility is one of those really useful commands that never seems to cross the bridge from Unix to Windows. The CMD.EXE special %$PATH:f syntax seems to promise some relief, but of course it’s never that simple – I at least want to type “which foo” rather than “which foo.exe”.
So here’s which.cmd – a [...]

Some bash goodness

Here’s some bash goodness (well, not really) to make ‘less’ a little bit more useful.
less() {
       local -a args
       for arg
               case “$arg” in
               *:[[:digit:]]* )

Why not 2 stacks?

I was googling around the other day for compiler wisdom when I stumbled on a computer security “research” paper. Some one or ones were postulating some theoretical result about vulnerability to buffer overflow attacks in blah, blah, blah special case. I didn’t read it, because that’s not what I was after.
But it made me think: [...]

Things left unsaid…

In my copious spare time I’m working on a programming language called “Close.” It’s a C-like systems programming language targeted at the Parrot VM.
Now, I’m not a compiler guy. But I don’t have to be. Because Parrot comes with the Parrot Compiler Toolkit (PCT), a set of code that can render an Abstract Syntax Tree [...]


As you can probably tell, my three LCD monitors are all present and accounted for. And yeah, before you ask, it ROCKS!
One very interesting “problem” is that none of the monitors I received shipped with a DVI cable. I have no idea why that is — all of the smaller LCD monitors I saw last [...]

Getting L A R G E R

I just spent a bunch of time out west (which, since I live on the east coast, isn’t saying much) working with a client trying to do agile development. I have a kind of gentlemen’s agreement with the client that I won’t write anything that makes them look too bad. Presumably, they’ll be kind enough [...]


Brad Appleton, is a smart guy, published author, and all around good egg. He’s been posting quite a bit in the last few months while I’ve been procrastinating converting Longacre-inc to use WordPress so that I could respond to his posts in a persistent, expository fashion. (Important considering some of Blogspot’s policies on comments.)
Well, it [...]