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Microsoft's take on database change management

As a sort of follow-on to my post on doing Database CM Three Ways, I give you this presentation from Microsoft field rep Jim Blizzard.
The presentation video goes over using the entire suite of Microsoft tools — go figure, right? But it is a good, solid introduction to what I call the “Computed List [...]

[wiki | database_cm:three_ways]

Table of Contents

Manual list of changes
Computed list of changes
Longacre Deployment Management

There are three ways to do change or configuration management of a database. Two of them are “traditional,” and the third is LDM. Let's look at them all.

Manual list of changes

SQL is by its nature a change language. The individual statements in SQL are mostly [...]

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Database Change Management

Database CM, like software CM, means different things to different people. From our perspective, though, it is about providing the same benefits to a development shop that SCM does, even when some or all of the development involves a database. Database CM is just SCM on a database, if you will. [...]