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Review of Guiffy SureMerge

Editorial Notes
Product Explanation
Two-way Comparison
Three-way Comparison
Directory Compare

Jiff command-line utility
SureMerge command-line utility
HTML comparison reports
International Character Encodings
Java API

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Review of Guiffy SureMerge

Editorial Notes

Date: March 2006
Product: Guiffy SureMerge 7.2 “Dogwood”
Vendor: Guiffy Software (
Reviewer: Austin Hastings

Bill Ritcher, coder and CEO of Guiffy, is aware of the review. He became aware [...]

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Guiffy SureMerge

SureMerge is a Java-based tool for both compare and merge operations. The tool is the primary focus of Guiffy Software. Austin Hastings wrote a review of the tool for the CM Crossroads web site. That review is available here, as well.

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Compare (diff) Tools

diff is of course the archetype of this class of tools. There are various implementations of the Unix command line diff utility, but the GNU diffutils package is considered representative of all of these. The tools are:

Beyond Compare


Guiffy SureMerge

CM Crossroads ‘upgrade’

CM Crossroads is pretty much the place to go for CM-related conversation. A few weeks ago they announced an ‘upgrade’ to the site: there would be a few days of down-time, and then things would be back to normal.
In fact, the upgrade (and the site outage) lasted for 10 days. The new site is (I [...]