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Two LDM Articles

April is the month for LDM at CM Crossroads. They published two articles, one a case study describing the background in which it was developed, the other a technical introduction.
The case study is here, and the technical details article is here.
I’m eventually going to incorporate LDM info as pages here on Doing Better. But [...]

Dimension: Technological Diversity

In many cases there is a difference between a challenge inherent to the subject matter of a project, and a challenge that is part of the project solution. Consider a telephone calling card business. Two obvious parts of the solution would be a database for storing account records (time available for each calling card) and [...]

Dimension: Technical Complexity

Technical complexity challenges a project when the problem being solved is complex, or the solution is complex, or the implementation is complex. Simply put, some problems are harder to solve than others. Understanding written English is a hard problem. Understanding spoken English is generally considered an even harder problem. Regardless of the source of complexity, [...]

Dimension X – Ways to look at challenges to software development

Part of surveying SCM techniques is to look at what they’re good for, and conversely what they cost. I’ve decided to call this Dimensions of Challenge, and I’ll be discussing them one at a time.
I’m a little unsure of the classification, because some of my dimensions are more abstract than others. But I’m arguing, [...]

SCM Techniques

Trying to promote LDM, I’ve decided to write an article on SCM techniques. Expect the next bunch of postings to be aspects of that article.
(If you’re wondering what LDM is, I’ll provide some links to that shortly.)