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Design Pattern: Table Data Gateway

A table data gateway is a gateway?an interface to a separate component or subsystem?that provides access to its data by abstracting an entire database table (or entire file, or entire tree, or entire other data structure) behind a single interface object. All of the standard CRUD operations are performed by accessing methods of the table [...]

Installing Trac: Six hours of my life, wasted

I like [Trac][], the Python-based project wiki, ticketing system, and over-all useful management dashboard from Edgewall Software. I’ve mentioned it in my articles, I’ve recommended it to friends and clients. I even run it myself.
But *geez* is it a pain to install. I’m talking about the “simple case” here. Nothing fancy. Just get it [...]

Defining: Baseline

A long time ago, on the SCM Patterns mailing list the discussion turned to defining terms. Today, I’m going to pick up that ball and run with it. The word for this article is ‘baseline’. It’s pretty fundamental to what we do on a day-to-day basis, so I think it’s worth exploring.

Antipattern Repository

Thesis: Distributed development, and by extension distributed CM, is the new thing. The notion of a single repository, even as supported by tools like Synergy:DCM and CC:MultiSite, is just not flexible enough. There’s too much “tail” and not enough “dog”. A new model is needed, with support for atomic changes, so that participants in a [...]